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Our role consists in assisting you throughout the immigration process from the preparation of your application to your landing in Canada.

We also have extensive experience in preparing appeals to the Federal Court of Canada for refusals of any kind of immigration application.

We are dedicated to helping you overcome any obstacles you may encounter during the immigration process under any of the categories listed below. We have the legal expertise and experience needed to guide you in undertaking and completing your application most efficiently.

1) If you are a refugee (asylum) claimant:

We are proud to announce that over the past fifteen years, we have represented hundreds of refugee (asylum) claimants from all over the world, and that our success rate has been close to 90%.
For refugee claims, we will:

• Advise you as to the proof you need to include in support of your claim;
• Assist you in completing the required application forms and ensuring that all information provided is complete,   accurate and coherent;
• Ensure that you are adequately prepared for your hearing before the Refugee and Immigration Refugee Board;
• Ensure that your refugee claim proceeds as quickly as possible;
• Represent you before the Immigration and Refugee Board during your hearing;
• Assist you in appealing your case when necessary.
• Advise you on how to proceed with an application on humanitarian and compassionate grounds

2) If you are a skilled worker, we will:

• Provide you with a complete checklist of the documents required in support of your application;
• Complete the evaluation and paper screening of your application prior to its submission to the appropriate Canadian    Visa Office;
• Advise you about possibilities to increase your score in accordance with the Canadian and/or provincial immigration    regulations;
• Ensure that all necessary forms have been completed and all relevant documents collected, prepared and, if required,   properly translated;
• Submit, in support of your application, a professionally composed cover letter highlighting your qualifications and   underlining your assets to become economically established in Canada;
• Submit your immigration application to the appropriate Canadian/Provincial immigration processing center (Visa   Office) and verify its arrival;
• Monitor your application throughout the immigration process in order to facilitate the issuance of the permanent    resident visa(s) within the proper delays;
• Proactively communicate with the immigration processing center (Visa Office) in order to expedite the processing of    your application;
• Make the necessary representations to increase your chances of obtaining an interview waiver;
• Prepare you in regard to a personal selection interview with the immigration officer, if such an interview is requested.

3) If you would like to sponsor a relative to come to Canada, we will:

• Provide you with a personalized checklist of the required documents in support of your application, as per the   specifications of the appropriate Case Processing Centre (CPC);
• Ensure that all the forms are properly completed and all supporting documentation collected;
• Make the necessary representations in support of your sponsorship case;
• Monitor your application and proactively follow-up with the Canadian immigration authorities;
• Ensure that you (the sponsor) and your relative (the sponsored party) are well-informed about the different steps    throughout the sponsorship and permanent residence process;
• Prepare your relative for the interview, if such an interview is requested;
• Appeal any negative decision, should the case arise;

4) If you would like to immigrate under the business category, we will:

• Provide you with a complete checklist of the required documents in support of your application;
• Ensure that all supporting documentation is well-prepared in accordance with the specific requirements pertaining to    business immigration category;

5) If you would like to come to Canada on a Student visa or Temporary Work visa, we will:

• Provide you with a list of the required documents;
• Ensure that all the preliminary steps (school registration or job offer validation or exemption thereof) have been    completed prior to submitting your application;
• Ensure the proper preparation of your application and all required documentation;


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