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Temporary Visas

Study Permit

  There are a number of criteria that must be met to qualify for a Study Permit:

  a. You need an offer of acceptance from qualified Canadian educational institution. The offer of acceptance must be in the form of an official letter from the school where you intend to pursue your studies.

  b. You have to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to pay the school's tuitionand for your general living expenses during your course of study up to one year.  Generally, if your course is for one year, you should show that you have CAD$10,000  plus tuition.

  c. Unless you are from a visa exempt country, you will also require an entry visa to Canada .

 However, you should note that you do not require a Study permit when :

  -You take a French or English language training course that is no more that three months in duration

  -You are the spouse or dependent child of a diplomatic or consular officer, a representative of a foreign country, or a representative of the United Nations or any other intergovernmental organization of which Canada is a member.

  · Work Permit

  To obtain a work permit, you may need a job validation from Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) and an application for Work Permit.

  There are certain persons who are exempt from having to obtain a work permit to be able to legally work in Canada . Such persons include foreign diplomats, military personnel, clergy, performing artists, athletes, ship or truck personnel, designated foreign buyers and sellers etc.

 Please note that not everyone requires a to have their job offer validated. For example, foreign students and citizens of countries whose occupations fall under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are exempted from such process.

Working while holding a Student Permit

  Please note that the government recently announced changes for"on-campus" requirement and students may be allowed to work off-campus.

  - In addition, spouses of international students are eligible to work temporarily in Canada

  Please note that all the information provided on this web site is for general information and is not intended as a substitute for a legal consultation. Furthermore the laws and regulations are always changing and it is therefore essential to ensure that you receive up to date and personalised legal advice.

To arrange for a consultation, discuss your eligibility and advise you on the appropriate line of action, we invite you to call or email us. Please be informed that a consultation fee will be applicable.

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